Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wedding Plans

It's official now. Since an earlier post in August noted that Eric had successfully completed the Thompson courtship eligibility tasks, he took the "he who hesitates is lost" advice seriously and is now engaged to Debbie. They will be married Dec 29 in Orlando. That means that Debbie joined her Mom's, sister Bonnie's, and brother Joe's (at least his wife Heather's) infamous six month plans for being married six months after returning from their missions--though she is actually one month late.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mom's Heaven

This past week Mom has been an angel in heaven--at least so she says. I followed her out with the camera to see what was going on. Here you can see her hauling feed.

Now she's carting it out to feed the animals.

Of course, first come the horses...

then the baby goats...

and the chickens.

She gathers the eggs (note that some are blue!)

Here she is cutting up pears to feed the milk goats.

How do you like this friendly face?

Here is the milk maid doing her job.

Then she strains the milk so we can drink it or make it into cheese.

I'm not sure this apprentice angel will get his wings...

but Mom seems to be sprouting wings--and I think I see a halo emerging from her hair! (Click on the picture for a closer look.) Let's see how long the angelic feeling lasts now that she has finished her heavenly angel duty at Cheryl's Horse Farm while the owners are on vacation and mom has had to return to planet earth.