Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas roses

The roses in our garden bloomed just in time for Christmas...
joining the poinsettias that our "dog" is carrying around.
They inspired me to buy a dozen roses to celebrate Caroly's 70th birthday.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas at Joe's

We spent Christmas at Joe's since everyone else from Florida and their families were visiting siblings up north and out west to have "snow" experiences. Do the boys look happy in their Christmas Eve pj's?
How about grandma and baby Tatum?
After everyone went to bed, Santa came down the chimney and filled the room with presents.
Each of the children put out a shoe to see if Santa knew the Hungarian custom of filling the shoes of good boys and girls. It looks like he did!
Santa couldn't find grandma's shoes to fill so she got a new pair of "I love ponies" slippers made by Heather.
Grandma was excited that Tatum got her first Christmas doll.
Kim got our name for Christmas. She gave grandpa tools and a tool belt to encourage him to get busy building the new log cabin. Grandma got gardening tools to landscape the new place and plant our new organic garden.
The Wilcox kids gave us mugs for drinking hot cocoa on the porch of our new place on cool winter mornings.
Of course, we all enjoyed running around in our new pjs all day on Christmas.
Joseph and I even had time for a quick game of chess while eating pumpkin ice cream!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Gummi Bear Jesus

Merry Christmas from Florida! For our traditional Christmas Eve caroling, we made edible three bears manger scenes with a gummi bear Jesus.
Everyone was delighted with our creativity. The scenes are delicious too.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Chrissy's visit

Chrissy decided that since she had only one two week visit from us this year when Owen was blessed and we painted their new house, while grandma and grandpa had visited everyone else two or three times, she needed to come down to Florida from Minnesota so her kids could see grandma and grandpa and ride horses...
learn some farm chores...
and try out some new Florida fruits.
With a quick trip to Savannah ...
we ate Filipino food at Joe's place...
and fought pirates ...
and super heroes.
When it was all done, grandpa was ready for a rest.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Visiting with Mikulás

On December 6 we had a Hungarian visitor--Szent Mikulás, the Hungarian Santa. He stopped by Florida to gather Christmas wishes. What do you supposed we wished for?
Grandma wished for a 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan Crew with all sorts of fancy gadgets so she can teach her grandchildren good driving skills--with Owen as her first student.
Grandpa wished for a new log cabin--though he needs to be more specific in his requests!!
I think he'll return this gift and wait for exactly what he wants. Grandma is easy to please and is perfectly happy with hers. I guess we know who the "good" child was.

Conner's Baptism

Here is Conner with his dad getting ready to follow Jesus example by being baptized.
Half of his cousins, both his grandmas and his grandpa made it for the service.