Saturday, September 10, 2016

Swim time

Oliver and Teddy decided they needed to come to Florida to visit Grandma and Grandpa and learn to swim in Sage's pool. After three days of fun in the pool, Oliver now swims like a fish. Here are some highlights of the fun.

Doc Tman's Delivery Service

Tipsey, the cow, had problems delivering her calf. So who do you call? Doc Tman to make the delivery, of course with the guidance of Bubby. (Tman is code for Thompson). Here are a couple of pictures of the blood and guts for those who need a gore fix for the day. Momma and baby seem to be doing fine. Assistants Oliver and Teddy aren't too sure that they want to become cowboys now.
And here they are 5 days later when the momma brought the calf out of hiding.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Tiling update #4

We just finished tiling the dining room and kitchen so another third of the house is done. Here is grandpa laying out the pattern and grandma doing her magic to make sure the lines are straight and everything looks fantastic. We just need to grout it and seal it.
The living room has served as the kitchen and dining room this past week and the music room has been the living room.

BYU, here she comes!

We had a send off party for Summer on her way to BYU. Here are her sisters helping her to cut her delicious cake. It was gone in a flash!
Notice that while we were tiling the living room, the kitchen served as the living room. That made it easy to get munchies from the fridge when hunger struck while we, or better said, grandpa was sitting on the couch.