Monday, June 30, 2014

Day 46

Today they put in the windows and finishing touches on the outside second floor. Just the frames around the windows remain and I pick up the boards for that tomorrow.
Inside they put up the framing for the bathroom and the bedroom on the south side of the loft. Tomorrow they will do the north bedroom and study and do some more work on the supports for the great room. If all that gets done, the dried in package will be complete and the electrician, plumber, and air conditioning guys can start their work. The roofers are set up to do their job with the metal roof tomorrow.
Here's another aerial view, this time from the back.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 45

The carpenters are almost done with the outside--just one line of boards in the front and four windows with their trim.
After a coat of stain and sealing, the completion of the metal roof and the metal soffits and gutters, the outside will be done.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day 44

Today the roofers arrived to add the flashing so the siding can be completed.
While the roofers added flashing to prevent leaks where the walls of the dormers meet the roof, the carpenters installed more doors, added trim around windows and doors, and added siding once the flashing was completed.
This is not a scale model of the house, but an aerial view from the extended forklift some 40 or 50 feet off the ground. (No, Wendy, I did not take the "ride" though I was invited to.)
Afterwards we went to Joe's Cinnamon Beach condo for Joseph's beach birthday party. He had a special homemake Kiwi cake, at his request. That's his favorite bird. Next time you see him, ask him to demonstrate his bird call!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 43

You have to look closely to see the changes today. They put in more windows and doors and put frames around them.
This is what it looks like when you look at the music room and the mud room doors from the inside.
They start putting the metal roof on tomorrow. The builder says the dried in version of the house might be done by next Wednesday.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Day 42

There were big changes today. How many can you spot? Caroly and Victoria will greet you at the new front door and show you more.
In addition to starting to put in the exterior doors, they started to put in the picture windows and finished the log trim at the end of the great room.
They also finished the log siding on the north side of the house.
The roofer measured the roof this morning and starts putting it on this Thursday. Once the roof is on, they can finish the logs on the dormers. The dried in process is almost complete!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Day 41

You can't see the work from the front, but go around back and walk around the house and you can see today's work.
Oliver came out to check on whether grandpa has been using his new tractor mower to make the orchard safe for little boys to walk through. He says that my mowing passed inspection and it looks like a park.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Day 40

Let's take a walk around the house to see the changes on Day 40.
Do we need to add a hitching post in the front to give it the true frontier look? Does the vertical garden give it a pioneer touch? We eat from it for our lunch when we're there--so far tomatoes and lettuce, but beans should be ready soon.
Our chief garden helper Oliver has been complaining that grandpa doesn't mow the lawn enough so that after just one week it is taller than he is. He no sooner said that (by way of his mother who gets tired of carrying him through the tickly tall grass) than a Lowe's delivery truck appeared with a surprise from Kim by way of Debbie and Oliver.
Do I look happy on my test mow? Thanks Kim, Debbie and Oliver!