Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Merry Christmas!!

Grandma thought for sure that since we had no children or grandchildren visiting for Christmas that Santa would pass over our house. But to grandma's surprise HE DIDNT FORGET US!!
However, grandma forgot to put out milk and cookies for Santa and carrots for Rudolph. So Santa stopped by after we had opened the presents for an energizing snack on the way back to the North Pole. Rudolph was disappointed that grandma still forgot to put out the carrots!! Shame, shame!!
Christmas afternoon we joined Sage, David, Jessica, Stephen, Victoria, and Mary for our traditional picnic fun on our beautiful Florida beach in honor of those northerners who insist that they prefer "change of seasons" in the frozen, snow-bound northland rather than the pleasant Christmas weather in Florida.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Getting ready for Christmas

Prince David invited us to a madrigal dinner and concert to get us in the holiday mood.

We've even had beautiful sunsets to get us in the mood.

So our house is all decorated and ready for Christmas.

December Home Improvement

Each month we try to finish one more project on our log cabin. This month we installed lights and fans on the porches.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

November Fun with Grandkids

Cross country meets:

Toe fishing and bungee cord walking

Fossil hunting

Beach and water fun

Sport fun

Developing survival skills by drawing, building houses, cracking coconuts for food, looking for information electronically

Relaxing in hammocks or sitting around talking

Of course we had lots of good food to keep the troops happy!! (I didn't get a picture of the 20 or so boxes of breakfast cereal and the several gallons of milk that was a key to their happiness.)

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Missionary Thanksgiving

It rained 10 inches for Thanksgiving, all our expected guests were sick or out of town, so we had two simple Thanksgiving dinners to honor our two missionaries, Aurelia in Mandarin speaking New York City and Summer in Meridian Idaho.

To honor Aurelia, Debbie made us a lunch of home made spring rolls, sushi, pot stickers, and Zinger cherry tea.

To honor Summer, Mom made us that evening TV dinners of mashed potatoes, turkey and dressing.
It was all delicious.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

November Projects

I'm sure you think we've just been sitting around enjoying our log cabin. Well, that's true, but we have completed some projects.
1. We put a railing on the front porch so people won't jump into the flower beds for fun and little ones won't ride their toys off the edge of the porch.Notice that it gives it more of an outdoor room feeling.
2. We added more shell to our entryway. With all the extra rain we have been having this fall with the hurricane season, we've had some trouble getting through the water without getting stuck.
Bubby thought we were doing it 19th Century style and said we should use at least 20th Century technology so he brought his tractor over and taught us old dogs some new tricks.
3. We helped Joe with some projects at his new home. We took our saws and equipment down to Orlando and helped repair the pergola in his entryway. When he took down the overgrown bourgainvillea that was engulfing the house, he found that some of the boards were rotten, so we took them down, trimmed off the rotten edges, repainted them and reassembled the pergola.
Energetic Heather decided to reclaim the wood from the pallets that came with their new floors. With Debbie's help (Debbie is our family expert on recycling pallets to beautify a home), they took apart the pallets, I cut the boards to the right length, and they attached them to a wall in the back entryway mudroom. Heather plans to sand and whitewash the boards and then attach hooks and shelves for storing shoes and coats.