Friday, October 30, 2015

October project update

This month we worked finding a place for everything and putting everything in its place. Aurelia before she left on her mission to Hong Kong helped grandpa put up shelves in the pantry as a surprise for grandma while she was in Minnesota tending grandkids. It now holds a 3 month supply of food, all the cookbooks and place mats, various cooking things like waffle irons, bread makers, toasters, electric fry pans, ice cream makers, all the picnic and BBQ supplies, and serving platters and pitchers with room for more
There are now more shelves in the walk in closet in the jungle bedroom.
But most of the time was spent sorting through nearly 100 boxes of books and family treasures from the shed that you saw on the porch in the September update. We had to sort each box carefully, one item at a time to make sure we weren't bringing bugs into the house. Here you can see grandma busy at work, the kitchen table that held the bug free contents before they were put in their proper place in the house, and the library filled with books, pictures and family history things waiting for grandpa to do the next stage, sorting, categorizing and thinning things out so he and grandma can start up again the creative and intellectual projects that have been on hold for 6 years. Grandpa is especially excited to find all his language books so he can brush up on his languages.
We have reclaimed the porch so we can have overflow eating at Thanksgiving!! Y'all come!

Rancher upgrades

Kim continued her upgrade of the Florida ranch hands. Here I am with my hat to keep bugs away when mowing and otherwise working outside. Sorry that you can't see the new boots but we wanted you to get the full effect of the bug screen.
Here is grandma with her new hat and boots to keep her feet dry when feeding the animals, especially when it rains.
Grandma has lots of fun pictures she took with her new phone but we haven't figured out how to download them to the computer yet.