Sunday, May 26, 2013

Florida Sunsets

Here at the beach we not only have great sunrises but great sunsets!

Come join us in paradise!!

Especially for Diana

Diana, here's how they harvest Florida potatoes next door to our new place.

So come visit us from Idaho in May and you'll really feel like you've gone to potato heaven--with Florida potatoes, that is. We promise to keep the gators away.

Terrific kids

How about these terrific kids! The new senior class president by a landslide beating out 4 opponents.

Outstanding school dance team member.

Singing villain in the upcoming school musical "Annie".

and other assorted terrific kids!


What's that on the other side of the fence from the horses?

It's COWS!! We are now officially Camp Thompson Ranch--CTR for short.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Grandma duty at Joe's

While Joe and Heather had a 4 day wedding anniversary vacation to New York City, we tended the grandkids.

Everyone had a great time.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Saturday action in Bunnell

Here are action shots of David, Victoria, and Mary on a Saturday morning.

That evening David considered becoming a professional bull rider after finding out how much they can earn from a ride.

But after noting from our VIP seats next to the bull loading chutes that everyone was being bucked off within seconds and looked bloody and dirty as they scrambled to get away from the mad bulls and limped back to the fence we were sitting at, he decided to reconsider his career options and take the advice on his shirt to "run for his life."

Oliver's first horse ride

Every grandchild in the family has to go through horse training from the very beginning. Here grandma is giving Oliver his first ride.

Finishing up the fence

Here's the crew putting the finishing touches on our first set of fences.

Oldest and Youngest Moms

Here are the oldest and youngest moms in the family celebrating Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

New home for the horses

Who is that riding in style in the back seat of the minivan with mom?

It's our mini Chocolate (pronounced Spanish style) or Choco! The other horses had to ride in a horse trailer.

They are now all enjoying their new pasture near us at the beach.

Mom decided to sleep with them tonight to make sure that Gideon the donkey keeps the coyotes away.

Oliver's New Job

Oliver decided to pick up some extra cash by joining the cooking and serving crew at Steak and Shake. His shakes are great.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Oliver: Gator Hunter in Training

You can't come to Florida and not learn how to hunt gators. We have a fish camp on a lake close by where you can put your boat in.

Oliver looks like he is suited up and excited to hunt his first gators.

At first all we found were lots of birds.

Then momma Debbie took over the piloting and we saw gators sunning themselves everywhere.

Here's how Oliver shot his gators.

Of course, grandma had a great time.

Building fences

The place feels like ours now that we have put in a fence for the horses. Here's a look at the whole process.

Here is the creative way we hauled water in Troy's truck for the cement in the corner posts.

They look nice and sturdy.

Here are the workers doing their jobs.

Oliver is testing out the gate and taking his tractor driving test.

Here's the finished product as seen from the front gate looking towards the shed. Does it look professional enough for you?

Here we are posing with our fencing tutors. We should be able to put the rest of the fences up ourselves!