Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kim's off

Kim is off to Honduras for nine months. Of course she had to have some last minutes touches of love, such has sitting on the floor at a Japanese restaurant with Joseph, Blake and Spencer to eat with chop sticks and...

having Aurelia, Summer, Jessica, David, Victoria, Mary, and Stephen pamper her for three hours reading her stories and doing a full spa treatment of pedicures, manicures, facial, head and back rub.

Here are the spa workers relaxing with the finished product. Doesn't her skin look lovely?

Is this a teary farewell?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Layover in Layton

Here are the new Rigbys cutting cake in Layton.

We got to greet all of Caroly's relatives that couldn't make it to Florida. Sister Diana and her husband Merlin...

brother Larry and his wife Rose...

sister Kathy and her husband Reed...

brother Dondavid and his wife Renee...

and uncle Oren and aunt Byrnie.

Some old time friends also stopped by: Caroly's first BYU roommate Lacy and her husband..

and former Gainesvillers Sorensens with their new boy after four girls...

and Camilla Tacogdoy Fairbanks and her husband Derek and her brother JT. There were plenty of others but I wasn't quick enough with the camera. Former Gainesvillers and relatives filled about a third of the cultural hall.

Someone forgot to tell the car decorators that Debbie and Eric have been married for two weeks already.

Kicking around the Kid's Place

When you are in Salt Lake, it's 20 degrees and there is 4" of ice covered snow, what do you do? Play in the water at the kid's museum, of course!

Here's Allie showing Maddie and Daddy some principles of water dynamics.

Kim does some grocery shopping with Allie. What's the nutritional value of plastic veggies?

I think Cassie is overdoing the asparagus shopping.

If you can find the horses, you can find grandma.

Is all this fun driving Grandpa up the wall?

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Doos

Mr. Cool

Bangs need trimming?

My turn?


Gone Fishin'

Of course if Robert is visiting,there has to be a fishing trip.