Saturday, June 29, 2013

Magyar Ünnep--Hungarian Feast

We got to try out many of the recipes the members taught us on our mission in Sopron when we hosted at our house a party for the ward high priests.
Here's a closer look: Marika's paprikas csirke (Chicken Paprika)
Pörkölt (beef stew), cooked in a crock pot rather than in a caldron over an open fire outdoors like Csaba taught us.
Galuska ("betsies") to put under the above two dishes. (I learned this from my grandmother.)
My favorite, rakolt krumpli (potatoes layered with kolbasz (Polish sausage), sliced hard boiled eggs, sour cream and cheese). 90 year old Gizi taught us this.
Andi's red cabbage.
Judit's cucumber salad.
Andi's stuffed pork chops.
Lots of pickles, of course
and for dessert, lots of alma rétes (apple strudel) and palacsintas (crepes) stuffed with bananas and Nutella or turo (cottage cheese) and raisins--first taught us by Sandor when we home taught him.
Everything was delicious.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Training for Scottish Games?

Is grandpa training to be the McLean entrant for the telephone pole tossing event of the Scottish Highland Games?

Nope, he's just putting in more fence posts to fence in the cows and horses so we can build our house without "helpers" looking over our shoulders. Do the lines look straight?
Only 150 to go.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Wendy and Daniel Visit

What do you do when Wendy and Daniel come to visit?

First, you mow the lawn...
then put some dogs on the grill...

and go swimming in one of the famous Florida springs--this time Juniper.

Then you put on a Hawaiian luau birthday party of Aurelia and Summer... (Didn't someone mention that we are party animals?)

topped off with some beach combing.

Of course, there is time for horses...

and showing off baby bumps.