Wednesday, November 30, 2016

New York, New York!!

Joe invited Mary Poppins (aka Grandma) with her magic carpet bag to accompany the family to New York City to enjoy some Broadway plays. Since they now have too many kids to fit into one room, rather than divide up the parents between two rooms, they invited Mary Poppins (and her travel companion Scottie McLean, aka grandpa) to entertain kids in one room when the older ones went with their parents to Broadway shows.
Enjoy the picture report of their food and fun.
Our hotel was right on Times Square in the middle of the action so we could walk everywhere.
Of course, with magical Mary Poppins along to change leaves into money, Spencer found $100 while walking down expensive 5th Avenue, not far from the Trump Tower. Is this part of the "trickle down" economic plan to make America prosper?

Monday, November 14, 2016


If you have been watching our blog for the last three years, you've seen the progress on our log home since putting in the foundation, erecting the log home package, moving in two Christmases ago, and then slowly but surely finishing the inside. Today we framed the last doorway and window so we are officially DONE!! We still have some finishing touches on the insides, but now we can turn our attention and imagination full time to putting together our creative outside.

Here are pictures of us putting up the trim on the doorways, baseboards, windows and ceilings, some before and after pictures to remind you of what had to be done, the rest just after pictures.

We feel now like we live in a fancy resort. We can hardly wait to show you what our imagination has dreamed up for the outside.