Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bush hogs and sowers

Who is that hidden behind the tall blackberry bushes on the Camp Thompson Ranch South Ten?
It's grandpa pulling a bush hog cutting down the wild berries and small trees to create pastures and adventure land for camping, four-wheeling, and other activities for the grandchildren. Notice how everything clears out as he does his creative mowing.
Who says that work isn't fun? Here's grandma sowing ryegrass in the newly mown fields so the horses and cows will have feed this winter.
Oh, there's work enough to do ere the sun goes down!

Birthday Time!

Guess who was 44 yesterday?
Sage--the smiley face in the middle1

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Test Run

We're about ready to start building our log cabin at Camp Thompson Ranch (CTR for short). So we decided to have a test run of the activities for the grandkids. First, we have to gather the horses for some riding.
There's time for some karate and archery.
Of course, this all has to be documented.
Grandpa used his Boy Scout skills to build a fire to cook hot dogs and make smores.
We played frisbee until the sun set...
with only one casualty.
The test run was a great success. Now, let's get abuilding!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ruth's Blessing

This weekend we were in Baton Rouge to bless baby Ruth.