Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cracker Days

Our life will soon be different. Here they are harvesting cabbages near our new place.

The pace is a bit slower. How about this customer we spotted at a strip mall?

Of course this sign caught our eye.

Grandma loved the parking posse...

and the BBQ.

The main events at the rodeo were team steer saddling (you have to stay on for 5 seconds)...

and timed team ribbon grabbing (your team ropes the calf, steals the ribbon off its tail, and someone runs to the finish).

The biggest individual event was timed steer wrestling. You have to wrestle the steer to the ground on its left side. As you can see, the steers were not particularly cooperative!

The grandkids entered the boot race (you have to find your boot in the boot pile, put it on and race home. Conner won. Corbie came back with two left boots!)...

the pig chase...

and the chicken chase.

We had lots of winners in the family. Conner got $5 for winning the chicken chase.

The last event was the sack race. It is like hydrosliding behind a speed boat. Your partner rides up, ties the rope to the saddle horn then races back to the finish with you holding on to the sack for dear life.

The afternoon closed with the drill team.

Does grandma look like she will enjoy our new lifestyle?

Friday, March 29, 2013

Last Hurrah!

Since we'll be moving out in a couple of weeks, the grandkids close by (15 of them), came to do their favorite Gainesville things, such as hike a Florida mountain (the Devil's Millhopper sink hole)...

and ride horses and donkeys.

They researched birds ...

and practiced being kiwis.

Some just practiced being cute.

Of course, how do you sleep 15 grandkids for several nights? Slumberparty style, how else?

We didn't get pictures of shark tooth hunting in the creeks or seeing their favorite caves or fossils in the museum, but everyone had a great time and is now ready for new grandparent adventures.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Staked out!

Well, the house sold in four days--with a bidding war. Now we will to be homeless in a month. You can see here how we staked out the new place. Can you imagine the new bedroom? the kitchen? The view is great even without the windows in!
The shed is about full. We have to empty the rest of the house next week. Do you think the piano will fit in?

Friday, March 8, 2013

Love it or list it?

We're back from our weekend at Joe's while Heather stages our house. Let's take a tour and see if we'll love it or list as, as the popular HGTV show says.

We love the decorator touches so much that we immediately listed the house for sale and hope the house sells "quickly and for a good price" so we can build the new log home.