Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hogwarts or Bust

We set off with the Wilcoxes for the snowy reaches of Hogwarts to see if we could experience the magic of Harry Potter. We stopped first at Hogsmeade. Double click on the pictures that follow so you can see the details.

There it is in the distance. We just have to find the secret passage from Hogsmeade.

Doesn't the pumpkin juice look tempting?

Grandpa tested the butterbeer. How do you like the snowman in the background? Hogsmeade is a magical place in steamy Florida.

The kids say it tastes like a cross between a creme soda and a rootbeer float.

Of course with all the magic going around, who knows what will happen to your horses. Grandma and Aurelia, what happened to your steeds?

Mary and Troy seem happy enough.

Sage seems to be protecting Stephen from the magic spells.

But Victoria and Summer don't seem to happy with their mounts.

Jessica and David seem to be doing fine.

Here comes grandpa to the rescue.

You need to be careful where you stand. You never know what lurks in the follage.

Whoa! It looks like a dragon took off with some of us.

I understand that if you look into this mirror, your innermost thoughts are revealed.

Thanks for the thought grandma and grandpa.

Don't worry Stephen. We'll keep your thoughts secret.

Oh, that's so sweet!

Well, I am thinking about starting my exercise program!

Thanks, Aurelia.

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