Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bringing Zsuzsa home.

This week we got to travel to Szeged to bring home Zsuzsa (rhymes with Zsazsa Gabor), our senior missionary from Sopron, who just finished her mission as a Family History Consultant. Our GPS took us on the scenic route, the first four hours to Pecs where we lived in 1990. Here's the main square with the church that was once a mosque during the 150 year Turkish occupation, probably the symbol of Pecs.

Here's a night view.

We stayed in this modern hotel right behind the church. How do you like the stainless steel bars that serve as a door to the hotel and the parking lot?

The interior looks like it came from Architecture Digest, a minimalist blending of old and new.

Notice how the stairs are bare concrete with marble slabs.

In the bathroom, the radiator also serves as the towel rack.

The buffet breakfast seems to be well guarded.

The city is gorgeous at night, filled with students and tourists . . .

though not everyone looked happy to see us.

The next day the GPS continued the scenic route, oft taking us off the main road to hidden surprises such as this Hungarian German village.

We decided to ignore the GPS and take the new expressway to the new bridge across the Danube. Since the GPS didn't have this new route, it showed us flying through the countryside Harry Potter style while shouting at us "Recalculating.. recalculating... recalculating." Three hours later it looked like we had arrived at Hogwarts. This is actually the rear of the cathedral at Szeged.

Here is Caroly with our missionary in front of the chapel in Szeged.

We decided to ignore the GPS and take the expressway through Budapest home. The "long route" took only four hours. It think it helped that the traffic was going 150--kilometers per hour, that is. You'll have to figure out yourself how fast that really was. Here is Zsuzsa back home with all her luggage--four suitcases, a large backpack, and four shopping bags. It's no wonder she didn't take the train home.

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