Friday, December 9, 2011

A typical week with a senior couple in Sopron

Now that our mission ends next month, I'm sure you've wondered what a senior couple does during a typical week beside read, sleep, and study. Well, the week starts and ends at the chapel.

After the meetings on Sunday, this is the combination library, junior primary room, clerks office where I help count the tithing for the week.

Then on Monday, the first thing we do is go shopping with the elders. Since we have a car, we can take them to the less expensive stores away from the center of town.

Then we stop downtown to take the tithing money to the bank...

pay the church's bills at the post office...

and do other errands.

Here mom is practicing the piano for next Sunday and getting ready to give a piano lesson.

On Tuesday morning Mom does an exchange English lesson Hungarian lesson at the church with someone as part of her community service. You should hear mom's Hungarian progressing along.

Since we are at the church, we always check on the progress of our long promised lift.

Usually once a week we visit a member for a Hungarian cooking lesson. That's great help for learning Hungarian. Sometimes we have them over at our place. The missionaries usually join us later to help eat up the food.

On Tuesday evening we check up on how the seminary is doing...

and have some fun with the institute kids.

When we do our member visits, we usually end up eating some great Hungarian food. This is Judit, our relief society president.

All church deliveries are made to our house since we are the most likely ones to be home in the morning. You can see here that the new green church hymnal just arrived. We love singing from it--about 150 more songs than in the old book.

Here we are wandering through the fields and woods gathering thistles, pines cones, and natural things for a Christmas homemaking activity.

Of course, as long as we are out, we check on the road construction. They are building an underpass under our railroad tracks so we won't have to wait every 3 minutes for a train to pass to get from our side of town to the other.

Usually on Wednesday and Thursday mom makes pies or cookies to take to people on our visits. Here she is making apple and pumpkin pie for German and English class.

On Thursday we teach German and English conversation. This is the beginning German conversation class--taught completely in German. They love it. It's our biggest language class, between 15 and 20 every week. This week the flu has been going around so only 8 were there.

It's Friday already and time for the branch council.

Saturday is usually a branch activity of some sort. Here we are making advent table decorations using the things that mom collected in the fields and forests.

There's your sampling of the fun things we do during a typical week.

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  1. What a great post! It is fun to see the daily activities. We had Spar in Arad (my last area). It was sometimes pricey, but a cute little store. Romania also got the green Hymnbooks near the end of my mission! It was so exciting, but then dissapointing because the members were only willing to sing the old songs because "that's all they knew". Hopefully by now they have learned some more, because it gets boring singing the same ten songs over and over and over. Looks like you two will know a lot of hungarian recipies when you get back! Im excited to taste some of them!