Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Visit to Wendy

Last weekend we headed off to Houston to visit Wendy and Daniel and help them paint some of the rooms in their new house.
But of course, since we are retired, we took the scenic route for two days and enjoyed the beaches of Biloxi Mississippi rather than drive straight through in one day and be stuck in rush hour traffic in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, or Houston.
Eating oysters, shrimp, and catfish in the open air at Biloxi Beach to the sounds of Jimmy Buffett was wonderful.
We were inspired by the chainsaw art along the beach made from the remains of trees damaged by Hurricane Katrina seven years ago. Here are some dolphins...
a pelican...
and some birds. I'll have to try my hand on some of our own trees at our new country place.
Of course, mom had to get a picture of the horse made of pieces of driftwood that was displayed at the Mississippi welcome station. Mom has another art project for me.
We had to cut our stay at Wendy's short because Hurricane Isaac was expected to close off the interstate to Florida on Tuesday for several days. So in one day, our painting crew of six (grandma, grandpa, Wendy, Daniel, Lucy, and Ruben) finished five rooms--the living room, entryway, study, master bedroom and master bath. Everyone had their own special task from taping and trimming to rolling. Sunday we met the wonderful people in their ward and Monday we drove straight through to Florida, just missing the hurricane before it closed off our scenic route.


  1. i still dont quite understand why you had to hurry to get back TO the hurricane?? can you explain that part?

  2. The hurricane was going between Gainesville and Houston and would probably shut down the roads for at least a week, so we had to get through first and fast.

  3. We sure enjoyed your visit. Now you have to come back for a more relaxing stay.