Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Thompson Pony Express

We are cleaning out the closets and decided to make a quick trip west to deliver several boxes of things to our kids. First stop, with 3 boxes, was the newly weds in Houston.
Then we visited the horse lovers in Loveland Colorado to deliver presents and pick up baby things to deliver to newborn Oliver.
Of course, grandma had to get a ride in.
We delivered our presents and had a birthday party for Cassie.
The next stop to deliver baby things was in Provo with new two week old grandson Oliver.
Does grandma look happy?
Daddy Eric has a special way to hold Oliver so he sleeps soundly.
Debbie entered me in the ward chili cook off. My Hawaiian Chicken Chili won the grand prize.
Then the Pony Express headed off to San Diego to deliver four boxes to Robert. It looks like we went by wagon train...
shot some cannons...
pumped water for the horses...
and panned for gold to pay our way.
Actually, that was a visit at the Mormon Battalion visitors center.
The main reason we were there was for Ella's baptism...
to tell stories to the grandchildren...
to help 9 month old Sarah get ready for her first Halloween...
to see their new house...
to admire their new grass in the backyard...
and to watch the sun set over the Pacific.
Does it look like we took a wrong turn and ended up in New York City and Paris, France?
Actually, those are just sights in Las Vegas. We drove through on the way back to Provo. We've seen the real thing and didn't feel a need to stop. Now we're back in Provo helping our pumpkin man Oliver get ready for his first Halloween and be blessed on Sunday before we head back to Florida.


  1. what a lovely array of assorted family members you've been able to visit. (:

  2. How wonderful. Looks like you two are having a great time visiting everyone. Love the pictures, and love seeing how big everyone is getting.