Friday, March 1, 2013

Kannas Florida Spring Break

Chrissy and Randy decided to take a break from subzero Minnesota weather with a long vacation in Florida. They said they wanted this to be a "working" vacation, perhaps doing some garden work and enjoying the sun. So we prepared a duty roster to make them feel at home and part of the family. Look at the pictures below for a sampling of what they did. Randy had to get home for work after three days, replaced by their friend Stephanie who wanted some fun in the sun too.
Of course, we stopped to eat a time or two during the week or so they were here...

and to smell the orange blossoms.

Grandpa's favorite activity was to supervise from the chair that Chrissy reupholstered during one of her breaks.
They are now vacationing (recuperating) with the other grandparents at their condo at Panama City Beach. Anyone else want to visit? I'm sure we can arrange another duty roster that you can relax to.

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