Sunday, February 23, 2014

Footings in!!

The snowy weather up north brings lots of rain to Florida. If we get a frost after the rain, ice forms on the water that collects on the log packages.
With all the water we've had trouble getting things dry enough to put in our foundation. We finally had a week of dry weather. We pumped the standing water out of the ditches and laid the rebar for the footings.
It passed inspection with flying colors but the inspector told us to post a "No Trespassing" sign so that if as the house rises, someone comes in and "happens" to take off with something (i.e. steals), they can be arrested.
The footings are now poured and the rods are sticking up ready for the concrete block stemwall. If it stops raining, that should be on Monday.
On our lunch break at Wendy's, we had this Florida visitor check us out.
We're now putting in the trench and conduit for the underground power line so we won't have to live Amish style by candle light.
How do you like the new motor skills we old timers are learning?


  1. How exciting! It looks so lovely and green there.

  2. Though it terrifies me a tiny bit that you dug your own electrical trench line, I'm so happy for you! The foundation footings look great. I can almost see the new house already :)