Saturday, March 15, 2014

Getting ready for pumbing

Are we done and standing on our new front porch?
No, we're standing in front of a model of our new log home. This week we worked on filling in the stemwall so we can put in the first rough of the plumbing. Here we are making an entry for the dump trucks with the fill dirt, spreading the fill dirt around and tamping it down until we have the final level in and compacted.
It passed the compaction test with flying colors. The inspector said it was one of the best jobs he had seen. We would have had the first rough of the plumbing in but our plumber was delayed on another job. If the weather holds out, that and the beginning of the electrical work will happen this coming week. Then the concrete slab will be poured.

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  1. Looks exciting. At first I thought your place was finished and couldn't believe it! Well, at least you see really good progress. You guys are amazing. Building a new home is not for sissies!