Thursday, November 13, 2014

The "Finicheros"

You've seen the drywallers at work. The next crew was the "finicheros." (Spanish for "finishers" or mudders, my new Spanish word for the day). Our "Mexicans" turned out to be from Salvador. I guess in the eyes of Floridian construction people, anyone from south of the border is a Mexican. In three hours they had the entire house taped. Here you can see them with their taping machine that applies the mud and the tape at the same time. This is followed by the mudder on stilts who puts on the top layer of mud.
Here's how they do the edge of the ceiling and the wall.
Next they will skim everything to make it nice and smooth. Then the next team comes in to do the texture. We should be able to paint by next week.

When Randy and Chrissy come next week, they'll help us design the stairs.


  1. what about above and below all of the windows, what is going on there? no drywall?

  2. Wait and see!! They will have special wood for the log cabin look.