Saturday, April 25, 2015

Cabbage harvest

We've been watching the cabbage fields grow for the last two months as we look out the windows to the west. As a reminder, here is what it looked like as the crews planted the fields the beginning of February and what it looked like as they harvested the fields this last week towards the end of April. They may be using some machinery but it still is a people intensive process. They have already gone through the fields three times cutting out heads of cabbage and tossing them into the wagon and as you can see, they still have plenty of cabbages left to harvest in another pass through or two.
When the wagons full of cabbages race past our house to the packing shed about two miles away, some times cabbages bounce out as the wagons bounce on the unpaved road. Here is an example of a "road kill" red cabbage that we picked up in front of our house. Looks like we'll be having German Sauerbraten with Rotkohl sometime soon. Yum, yum!


  1. Great post! Now, your personalized Priesthood Line of Authority is beautifully laminated featuring the classic portrait of Jesus Christ by the renowned artist Greg Olsen.

  2. Yum, cabbage. I had a super tasty Cole slaw with lunch today. Just shredded cabbage, lightly salted yogurt, and tomatoes. Your Sauerbraten with Rotkohl sounds great too.