Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Butterfly garden update

While grandpa has been doing the trim on the inside, grandma has been busy planting the new butterfly garden. Here are the results so far.
Different corners, inside and out, will have different kinds of flowers. This is the rose corner.
Japanese plum and flowers.
Veggies, berries, and flowers.
This corner will soon be filled with yellows, blues, and purples.
Here are some plants waiting to be planted in the other corners.
Here is grandma's Mother's Day surprise--a garden swing with trellis.
To provide shade from the trellis, there is a bleeding heart vine on one side...
and passion fruit on the other.
Butterflies have already discovered their new garden.
Check back to see the fountain and the other flowers we will be adding.

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  1. Didn't I hear there is a new horse? We want pictures. (: