Thursday, July 9, 2015

Camp Thompson Ranch

This summer our scout troop that I am the scoutmaster for held a three night summercamp at CTR (Camp Thompson Ranch) to focus on becoming First Class Scouts so that a year from Christmas the 16 year olds can be Eagle Scouts. There were flag ceremonies,
a mile long orienteering course,
knot tying instruction and practice,
an introduction to local trees, whittling, and wooden spoon making,
evening campfires,
cutting down trees and preparing poles for our tower to practice our lashings,
lots of cooking, (every scout had to plan, price, buy, and prepare three meals for his patrol)
first aid instruction and competition,
and lots of water fun, including an after dark water balloon fight, and a four inch afternoon rain storm and wind that blew down the tents! We slept in the lodge that night.
After they climbed their tower and were surprised that their lashings held, they were qualified to be first class scouts--a great end to the camp. Next year we expect lots of eagle scouts.


  1. Now that's what scouting is about. Looks like they chose the perfect guy for the job of scoutmaster. Looks fun. I wish I could have come. Lots of boys, too!

  2. Going on an adventure sure is fun, specially when you get to spend time in a farm. It looks like you all learned a lot from that trip, like cooking, and utilizing first aid response. I hope there'll be more days like these for you guys. Take care! :)

    Wilbert Bowers @ Mirr Ranch Group