Monday, November 16, 2015

Driver training Thompson style

We start them young teaching them how to drive at Grandma's grandchildren paradise--even throwing in some flight training.
Of course, there is some parental supervision.
Grandpa's famous sauerkraut roast served on homemade Betsies with lots of different breads is always a favorite with the drivers and fans.
Grandma's is still a favorite place for the grandkids to hang out and have a great time bonding with each other. Grandma has lots of pictures of the two days of Thompson and Wilcox fun but still needs to learn how to get the pictures from her phone to the computer so you can see them.

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  1. Looks like a fun dune buggy and motor bike. And shirtless pretty warm still there? I appreciate Joseph mowing the grass! Well done young man. Good to see S, J, D, and V. Poor S must be exhausted from all her activities. She is falling asleep as she eats. (; Good to see Sage, Heather, and Joe too.