Sunday, August 7, 2016

Reunion trial run

Now that our log cabin is nearing completion, we decided to have a trial run for our upcoming 50th wedding anniversary. Today we had half of our family here so we put furniture back in the living room and music room to clear out the kitchen and had a fun family dinner for 18 grandchildren and their parents.

Here is our guard dog with our friendly bear greeting the guests.

There was plenty of room for tbe Florida half of the family.
We are brainstorming the adjustments we'll be making to accommodate the other half for the family fun. The food was great. But the biggest hit was the all you can eat banana splits with all the whipped cream you wanted.
Of course, the grandkids had lots of bonding activities.
What would a family reunion be without bringing out the family pictures so the children can see what their parents looked like at their age? Can you see the family resemblance of baby Benji and his mom Bonnie at the same age as a baby?
With a few adjustments, we'll be ready for the whole family to come join the Florida Thompsons for a week of fun.

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