Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Westward Ho!!

The end of September we went with Aurelia on a two week trip to visit the grandkids out west. The first stop was at Rob and Jen's in Branson MO to learn about raising chickens, consuming three dozen eggs a days and gardening. To top it off we had a great time at Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede.
Then we delivered Aurelia to her new apartment in Provo to get ready to attend BYU and have fun with her sister Summer.
The next stop was Wendy and Daniel's in Provo UT where we drove through the mountains to see the fall leaves and celebrated Tessie's birthday.
This was followed by niece Caprene's wedding. We met her brothers' families for the first time.
The next day we had a meeting of Bros Inc. (me and my brothers with Aunt Gwen) at Spencer's log cabin in Midway UT. Debbie and Wendy and kids, Carrie and nephew Randy and his wife joined the meeting--they heard there was going to be a delicious German BBQ.
The next stop was Debbie and Eric's place in Layton UT. A tornado struck nearby just before we got there and knocked down trees and their shed. But there was time to relax with some sporting activities, meet our children's cousins (Only cousin Teresa is shown here.In the excitement I forgot to get pictures of the others), hike through the wetlands on the shore of the Great Salt Lake, and have a birthday party for Oliver. I also put up a swing that Joe sent out for Oliver and Teddy.
Our last stop was at Carrie and Jammie's in Steamboat Springs CO. The baby yak is cute as can be. The hiking was great. And of course, Mom loved the horses.


  1. I love the picture of you guys with aunt Gwen!

  2. I like that one too. And the one of you with your brothers Caprene. I haven't seen them in donkey's years! Fun to see your travels Maw and Paw.