Thursday, August 24, 2017

Summer Report

I'm sure you've been wondering what we have been doing since our fantastic week long 50th Wedding Anniversary fun in June. Much of the time we have been having fun with grandchildren while their parents and older siblings were off on adventures. Grandma held a series of sewing camps where the grandchildren learned how to make pillows, quilts and blankets, and clothing for dolls and themselves. Can you see why one of our children gave us this sign?
She has also been enjoying long jacuzzi baths, but there is no picture of that!
Grandpa celebrated his 75th birthday.
While grandma has felt in heaven in her sewing center with her grandchildren, grandpa has been in heaven doing his weekly mowing of 5 acres so the yard looks like a golf course or sport field (takes one or two days depending on the weather and how long his "cool off" breaks are), putting up railings and temporary stairs in the back (the deck has been postponed until after the hurricane season), fancying up the front porch (can you see the happy face that greets visitors? Victoria was the first to notice.), planting orange trees (navel and Minneola tangelo), keeping the flowerbeds attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds (they don't hold still long enough to be photographed), and getting the firepit ready for grilling steaks now that the rain has stopped long enough for the wood to dry out.
Of course, grandma has discovered all the TV channels that show cowboy shows that she can relax to when the grandchildren aren't here watching Spongebob Squarepants or their other favorites.

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