Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Friendly feeds

You know that Thompsons believe in Southern Hospitality, and that means having fun feeding people. Here we are hosting the new mission office couple, the Bagozzis. They spoke in our branch on Sunday. Since this is supposed to be an action shot, Elder Bagozzi is showing how to eat cream of garlic soup out of a bread bowl.

The Révész family (he's my counselor and she's the relief society president) were over for family home evening. We started out with our Cuban favorites, black beans and rice, fried bananas, picadillo and Cuban sandwiches. Of course, to get them in the right mood, they had to show that they could shake their hips just right to Cuban salsa music and show some body action. We told them that sets the stage so Heavenly Father will know that the blessing on the food will be in Spanish rather than Hungarian. Mom and Dad aren't doing too bad with the body action here. Eleven year old son Kiki was so embarrassed that he hid behind his sister for the picture. Big sister and little sister at least tried. You say I have my work cut out for me to liven up the teenagers a bit this coming year?

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