Saturday, February 19, 2011

LDS Charities

You might wonder what fast offerings and donations to the LDS Humanitarian Fund go for. A member of our branch, Andi, one of our original members and the original relief society president, whose son is on a mission, has an advancing case of muscular dystrophy and needed a new wheelchair. The one provided by the Hungarian government was too small.

Here her husband Istvan, just released as our elder's quorum president, is showing her off in her new larger wheel chair provided by LDS charities. The church just sent to Hungary several hundred wheelchairs to distribute to needy people. Sister Baughman, the mission president's wife, saved out five for members and we were lucky to get this one.

When sister Bordas heard she was getting a new chair, she was so excited that she came to church for the first time in over a year last Sunday--a major effort since we don't have an elevator and a team of four men had to carry her up two flights of stairs to the third floor where our chapel is (about 50 steps).

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