Friday, April 29, 2011

Lelki pizza--spiritual pizza

To help the members learn how to visit each other and have fun outside of church, we are having "spiritual pizza" parties where we invite a couple of families at a time over to make pizzas and watch a short church film and have fun together. We've done it four times so far. We hope to have had all the families over by the end of May. Here is Öcsi (Erchi) showing how to toss the pizza. He has been the most successful so far. We give everyone a chance to show off their skills--something new for many men since they usually don't cook here.

Here Ferika is cutting the first pizza. The parents have been surprised that children are involved in making Thompson style pizza.

Of course, after the DVD we have to have dessert. This was a yummy yogurt cheesecake topped with strawberries and whipped cream that Erica brought.

Sometimes we have the children make cream puffs. This one was shaped like a swan until Kiki ate the head.

Of course, to keep the pounds off, we throw in some sports like balloon volleyball. Which team looks most ferocious? Hajrá! Go team! I think the women were the most aggressive players!

The pizzas have all been delicious and everyone is surprised at how fun they are to make. Here Rita is getting one last bite.

They all take lots home for breakfast. I think we are the only ones who know that pizza the next day tastes even better. We may gain a few more pounds before we are done--but you know the Thompson motto: You need to have fun living the gospel and adding in some food makes it even better.

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  1. You guys are so much fun. I am proud of the seeds you are planting there. You will be planting a nice strong ward before you are done. :)