Saturday, August 13, 2011

Esterhazy update

Is this the missionaries tracting in a richer part of town? No, we just took them to see the progress being made on restoring the famous Esterhazy Palace in Fertöd.

The roof and the front and back have been repainted and repaired, though some of the windows and ironwork on the railings still need some work.

The fountains in the courtyard are now repaired and spurting water.

There is still a lot of work being done on the inside. Every time we go, the tour route is different as different sections are closed off for repair. The Esterhazys loved to collect clocks. In the latest tour we didn't see many of them but this clock is one of my favorites. Can you figure out how it tells you what time it is?

The biggest change so far is that half of the grand ballroom has been restored. Here is part of the ceiling with the horses that are supposed to look like they are heading towards you no matter where you are standing.

How do you like the detail in the corner of the ceiling? Be sure to click on it to see the detail. Can you see why it is taking so long to restore the room?

Even the doorways are filled with details.

It looks like the elders enjoyed the tour.

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  1. The garden sure looks different. Gorgeous with the green grass.