Sunday, August 28, 2011


Here I am on a hot day sitting by the fan eating my Nutella on bread--that's a mixture of ground hazelnuts and chocolate that is very popular in Europe.

In Florida we see hazelnuts once and a while in mixed nuts at Christmas time but they are so rare you would think they are some sort of exotic nut. Next to our house in Sopron is a tree full of them. We discovered the tree when Caroly stepped on some hazelnuts on one of our walks. Here she is showing off a few we found on the ground and the sea-urchin-like pod they grow in. Click on the picture to take a closer look. If you look carefully in the leaves, you can see the pods in the tree. When the nut is ready, the pod opens up and the nut falls out.


  1. Cool. That is fun to try new things in new areas. Nutella is very yummy.

  2. Yummy, we love Nutella in our family!!! It is a good way to get a nut butter, with the nice taste of chocolate. Delish!!!! That is fun to see what they pop out of.