Saturday, September 10, 2011

Branch youth activity

Once a quarter we do something challenging with the youth of the branch. Here in the front row we have the primary and the young men and women ready for a zip lining and obstacle course adventure high in the treetops at Lövér Kalandpark (Löver Adventurepark). Their zip line safety instructor and their leaders are standing in the back.

It looks like Julia was caught by wild game hunters.

Veronica is doing great balancing on the poles.

Feco (Fatso) seems to be in a hurry.

Is Kiki training to be a pirate and sail the seven seas?

Laci (Latsi) looks relieved that he made it to the platform.

Ferika seems to be doing well on the double high wire.

Bianka made it safely to the end...

as did Balazs.

Can you tell that they had a great time and went through every challenge course several times? We could barely get them to stop for lunch.

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