Saturday, September 17, 2011

National Gallop

Where are all these tourists heading?

Are they making a home visit to my Hungarian ancestors...

because they smell their great cooking?

This is what we tried out--nagyon finom!

This horse shaped cake should give a clue since Hungarians are famous as master horsemen.

It's the National Gallop--this biggest horse event of the year in Hungary. It lasts 5 days and is held on the streets of Budapest near Heroes Square--What better place to celebrate your heritage. We missed it last year so as soon as we heard about it this year we headed off to catch at least one day.

Here are some of Mom's favorite events.

She was sure you'd want to see each of these video clips. Be sure to click on the size expander on the bottom right corner so you can see the footwork in full screen.

Here's one for the men in the family. No wonder everyone feared the Hungarians.

Does Mom look happy on our way home on the train?


  1. You two look so cute in the last picture! So in love! Thanks dad for pleasing mom. Those were pretty neat videos and pictures! Thanks for sharing!