Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Grandma duty in Savannah

Grandma got a call to grandma duty in Savannah for the next few days while bishop Joe takes 8 teenage boys from the ward skiing in North Carolina on their annual high adventure leaving mom with a new born...

and three energetic boys.

Grandma was greeted with a trumpet duet by the Two Joes...

accompanied by Blake on the piano.

While grandpa is back in Florida, grandma will be taking kids to school and supervising homework.

She'll also keep an eye on the animals...

and keep in shape on the trampoline.

Spencer will help her get acquainted with the public transportation...

and of course, she'll have lots of baby bonding time.


  1. Cute jeans Mom! You look great.

  2. How darling! Lucky grandma! Our youngest grandchild is way past the cuddling stage and our greats are too far away!