Saturday, February 18, 2012

Roadkill delight?

The nearby Chiefland Ward has an annual "Beast Feast" where they suggest how you might augment your food storage with roadkill--various wild animals common along the highways of Florida. Here is the selection that Caroly and I tried.

The numbers we attached to our plates as we made our selections are keys to what we ate--which was announced by number when we were done. You can see by the number of attachments to my plate on the right that I was more adventuresome than Caroly--though she says the racoons and yam were heavenly (at least the yam was).

Can you guess from these selections what things we ate?

Some things look like the buzzards picked them over first.

This year there were no frogs, snakes, or alligators, but plenty of squirrel, possum, deer, raccoon, rabbit, chicken, wild pig, and of course "rocky mountain oysters" (fricasseed pig testicles). They say that the ward members save up their "delights" in the freezer through the year. The place was packed with eager learners picking up road kill tips.

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