Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy 27th

This month our pool is 27 years old. You might remember that at Christmas time in 1985, our family of 8 kids at the time voted that rather than get a car for Dad to drive to work, we would get a pool for the same cost and Dad could continue to ride his bike to the university. I didn't mind being out voted. To refresh your memories, here is what the pool looked like a year later...
after we added the "Florida Room."
Pools age faster than people so it was time for some refurbishing so we can sell the house. First we drained the pool...
removed the tile and the plaster...
then added new coatings and tile.
Here's the rejuvenated pool before and after filling.
We had a warm spell and the water got up to 68ยบ, just warm enough for a very quick dip. Regrettably, when we updated, we had to take out the diving board and the slide to meet new insurance rules.

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  1. beautiful new pool. i like the subtle tiles. very nice choice.