Saturday, January 26, 2013

Preliminary Grand Tour

We still have a couple of projects left before we have Heather come and do the final staging to put the house on the market. But for the curious, here is a preliminary look at the house after downsizing everything and redoing the rooms.
Let's start with the living room. Do you feel like you are being invited to a great horseback adventure on the other side of the rope bridge?
This is the bird corner with our family motto--bloom where you are planted.
Can you see our new watch dog hiding under the poinsettias guarding the entryway?
As you pass into the kitchen, the Florida room invites you to exercise a bit, swim some laps, cook some BBQ, or just relax and enjoy life in Florida.
When you go back into the kitchen...
and stand by the new oven and microwave shelf...
you can see the wise Thompson owls inviting you into the new mudroom...
where you can take off your shoes, put on your swimming suit, grab a towel and jump in the pool. Or if you've been working in the garden, can take off your muddy things and throw them in the wash.
Next to the mudroom is the multipurpose den where you can work on the computer or do some sewing or art projects or read a book while picking up a game of chess with whoever else is in the room. Can you see how big the walk in storage closet is?
At the other end of the house we have the Flamingo Room...
and the Sunshine Room.
The "girls" bathroom has been redone in taupe, at Heather's suggestion. Note the new shower nozzle, medicine cabinet, and mirrors.
Here's our bedroom ...
with a new IKEA light and a picture painted by my grandmother Lallatin when she was a teenager.
Finally, here is the "boys" bathroom.
Do you think it will sell quickly and at a good price? I'll post again after Heather has added her special staging.


  1. looks terric. i like the light colors.

  2. It all looks so perfect and pristine. I love what you two have done to the place! I can tell you put a lot of hard work into it. I think we should all have one last get together in this house to celebrate what you have done with it, and to have one last memory!