Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 13

Does it look like we are making a sailing ship--or putting up a football goal? Actually, those are the supports for the beam that will hold up the roof above the loft. You can see that they have done more for the front porch and have attached the hurricane straps that will hold the second floor down in a big wind.
Here's a closer look at one of the two of the posts that hold up the roof in the great room and loft.


  1. I can't tell where the hurricane straps are. Will they remain in place or are they just a temporary feature during the building process? Sounds pretty snazzy, tying one's home to the ground so it won't blow away.

  2. They are the strips of metal sticking out. They are nailed onto the 1x6, which is screwed into the top log with two foot long screws. The boards for the floor will be placed on top and the metal straps will be wrapped around them and nailed on. Those are the same screws that hold the logs together. You can see them on an earlier blog (Day 4 and Day 2)