Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day 47--Dried in complete!

If you have been looking at the first picture of each of these 47 building days, you have been able to watch the log cabin unfold since that picture was taken from the same spot every day. Can you see the finishing touches in this picture--the frames around the second floor windows and the frames on the edges of the dormers?
The roofers have finished about a quarter of the roof. If it doesn't pour rain tomorrow, as the forecasters predict, they'll soon be half done.
What I think is the most exciting part of the dried in package is the framing of the interior rooms. They finished the upstairs north wing off of the loft--the north bedroom and my office/library/intellectual project room. They also put in the cross bars for the vaulted ceiling. Now it is imagination time to plan how to make all these empty studs magically turn into a visual delight for the grandchildren and other visitors.
I'm sure you have wondered who ran the fork lift to speed the project along. Now you know!!
We'll miss our log home builders. We've been with them so much they seem like our own children.


  1. At this stage, I have to say it looks better than most houses! Well, the view from outside, at least. While you have some more catching up to do inside, your house exterior is on its way to being finished. The roofs look great, and even moreso if they're completely done. Good luck on the rest of the work!

    Pleasance Faast @ Shelton Roofing

  2. It is really looking great!!WOW!! I can bet you are getting antsy to get in and settled, huh? I tried calling last week just to chat but no one answered, I'm not sure I have the right cell phone number?
    We love you and hope you don't work yourselves to death.....Diana