Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Roof is done

The last three days they have been busy finishing putting on the metal roof. When the sun shines on it, you need your sunglasses so you won't be blinded.
We are now working with the soffit and fascia people. As soon as I can get a bathtub up the stairs, the plumbers will start. The air conditioning people are setting up shop and the insulation people came by to take a look. We've been cleaning up the inside and sitting in our chairs in the various rooms planning how things will look when we are done--which we hope is soon.


  1. Is that Debbie up there on the roof?

    The place looks gorgeous. How are you planning to get the bathtub upstairs? Do you have it? Is it just a fiberglass shell? Or solid porcelain or iron? You do have an Elder's Quorum in your area, remember. They are usually happy to help with tricky moving-things details. And/or the missionaries.

  2. Wow! It's looking great. I was going to ask when you are moving in, but then I thought about how fluid those dates tend to be! We had a great time with Daniel and Wendy and all the children in Vermont. Wendy is such a great little mom.