Saturday, September 20, 2014

3 down and 7

We're still having fun drywalling. Since we have an open floorplan, room 3 is actually three rooms as seen below--the kitchen, the dining room, and the mudroom.
The bulls must think we are spending too much time fixing up the house instead of feeding them so one of them decided to play "fruit basket turnover" with the feeding trough.
We also got someone to come replace the two windows that were broken in the delivery. Anderson sent 8 pages of "simple" instructions to tell me how to do it. They were too complicated for me so I hired someone else with Anderson experience to do it for us. He was done in 20 minutes so I guess it really was "simple." (He didn't even look at the instructions. He said that 8 pages with all its warnings and details would make the process too complicated.)
We watched him closely in case I have to do it in the future. He also showed us how to install the screens.


  1. Hey it's Andy Brandon I'm glad y'all love the house and I wish y'all all the happiness in it God bless you!!