Saturday, September 6, 2014

New Watch Dogs

Everyone says that if you live in the country, you need a good watch dog. Sage and Troy's new neighbor complained to the police their dogs were barking too much at night, so they became our new watch dogs on the 30 acres. Don't they look ferocious?
Everyone said that my version of a dog house was an eyesore...
so the crews spent three days creating the taj mahal of dog runs.
The dogs love it!
In fact, when we turned them loose from the place I had built for them, they ran across the field to the new place and insisted on moving right in.


  1. Dont forget to mow in there too! What is all of that blue stuff?

  2. I was wondering about the blue stuff too. Maybe it is just a funny coloring of the mud that happened inside the camera?

    Hope there will be at least a partial roof added to the Taj Mahal so the little tykes don't get sunburned? And I agree, that previous hotel wasn't the loveliest. {:

  3. It is just the reflection off the mud. It has been raining cats and dogs (at least dogs, since I don't see any cats) all week--a half inch to an inch and a half every day.