Wednesday, October 1, 2014

5 1/2 down and 4 1/2 to go

We finished all the ceilings downstairs and up. Here is a look at the workshop in the loft (since we are finishing up the upstairs rooms first) and the head carpenter screwing in the drywall.
The half room in the accounting system for this blog is the hallway leading to the library and the guest bedroom and the large closet in the guest bedroom. It's big enough for a baby crib. It takes almost as long to do a large closet and a hallway as it does to do an entire large room.
The newly finished room is the library. The unfinished sections on the walls are where we will have built-in filing cabinets and perhaps drawers. This will be done after we move in since our filing cabinets are in the back of one of our 5 storage units and I don't feel like emptying them all to find out where they are so I can measure them. The unfinished parts above and below the window will have a special log finish that will add a special rustic touch to each of the rooms.
Tomorrow we start drywalling the bunk house room where lots of grandkids can overnight.

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