Wednesday, October 8, 2014

8 down and 2 to go--almost

We finished 1 and 1/2 more rooms--the walk-in closet in the bunk room and the hall leading to the bunk room from the loft (together these count as a 1/2/ room--these small rooms actually take as long as a big room since there is so much cutting and measuring. Notice the "access to void by owner" from the building plans. You already saw the one void we used to create a Harry Potter sleeping place and the two we'll use for recessing filing cabinets in the library. This one will be for storing luggage and perhaps Christmas decorations)...
and before the sun set, we almost finished drywalling the upstairs bathroom. You can see me contemplating how I'm going to get the drywall around all these pipes. I'm sure I'll think of something in my sleep tonight. We'll let the tile setter figure out how to do the area around the bathtub. Remember too that we have something special planned for above and below the windows.
We are now done with the basic drywalling upstairs. Someone else will do the loft and great room (as we promised Wendy) and mud the drywall. We'll now finish up downstairs and get ready to paint and tile.

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