Saturday, December 20, 2014

Racing to the finish!

We have to get everything done by this coming Wednesday--so we are racing to the finish. Thursday, the bankers came to make sure we really are spending our money on the house (we passed inspection) and the plumbers came and installed the toilets, faucets, and the water heater. I need to install the bathroom doors for privacy. Monday they need to connect the dishwasher and icemaker on the fridge.
Friday the electricians finished up their work, installing all the switches, can lights, the range hood, and made sure that everything works. We now have power full time in the house. Now that there is electricity full time in the house, the air conditioning people will activate the thermostat and the heating and air.
All the dirt for the septic system is in place and Friday the sod was delivered. Grandma and I laid two pallets of sod before heading to the temple at noon. How do you like Duke with his sunglasses, the driver of the sod truck?
Saturday we finish sodding, work on the bannisters for the stairs to the loft and start cleaning up the inside to get ready to move in. Check back to see the progress.

1 comment:

  1. Wow. So you just need to put a front railing and staircase in now, or are cinder block steps the "rustic touch?"
    It all looks awesome.