Thursday, December 25, 2014

We finished!

Monday, no workers showed up. Tuesday, the plumber finished all the faucets, the bathrooms and the tankless waterheater, the air conditioner was activated, a golf cart was delivered. and the first three loads of dirt for around the foundation were dumped. It looked like we would be able to pass the inspection for the certificate of occupancy at Wednesday noon for sure.
Monday and Tuesday night we had a total of 3 inches of rain so there was standing water on the roads and the fields. The last three loads of dirt got stuck in the mud and were dumped away from the house and I got behind schedule in finishing up the bannisters for the stairs to the loft. I didn't have time to put up the lovely shelf the Kannas's gave us with horse carvings. (It is actually a fireplace mantle, but since we don't have a fireplace, we'll use it as a shelf in the kitchen.) However, the inspector could see the good work and gave us our certificate of occupancy so we could move in on Christmas Eve.
We moved some things in before dark, and after eating a celebration Christmas Eve dinner at Steak and Shake with Sage and family, we slept in our log home. Christmas morning we had our favorite breakfast, squash and eggs. I made the toast. We emptied one of our six storage units so we could host a Christmas party with Sage's family. You know our reputation as party animals. They came out for an afternoon of four-wheeling and trying out the golf cart with healthy nibbles of fruit and vegetables.


  1. HIPHIPHOORAY!!!!!! You are finally in!!! How exciting. Congratulations!!!😄🎉🎊