Friday, August 21, 2015

August Report

What's new for August at Camp Thompson Ranch?


New phones!! Galaxy S4. They can do everything. Of course they are so fancy that we are having trouble figuring out how to use them. So if you try to call us and can't get us, we either think the new ring tone is just the music on the radio, or we can't figure out how to answer.


New horse Misty and teacup pig Wilbur. Misty is about half the size of Amiga. Wilbur is actually Summer's impulse buy--but after two weeks of cuddling at their home, they decided that with the upcoming school activities, Wilbur would cause less havoc in their house and would be better off at grandma and grandpa's farm.


Butterflies. Of course, when I get my camera out, I can't find the butterflies. But at least you can see some of the flowers in grandma's butterfly garden.


Hanging family pictures on the walls to give the moved in look.


Finishing up the stairs with the log look.

Some closeups
Next week we plan to finish up the stairs to the loft. Then we just have some window and door trim to do downstairs to finish up so we can tile the downstairs floors. Then we'll turn to finishing up the porches and other outside things around the house. The goal is to be done by Christmas!!


  1. Perfect fit on that wall space there for the yellow bespoke family quilt! And how nice that you have my wall snapshot positioned so I am gazing up at the Savior. That's sweet of you (:

  2. Good work! It looks wonderful. Can't wait to come see it again sometime.

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