Monday, August 3, 2015

Grandma's Camp July 2015

As they say, "Build it and they will come." In this case, build the log cabin and the grandchildren will come in a steady stream to enjoy Grandma's fun grandchildren camps. First came the Carrs and Wilcoxes for a week of fun, including canoeing, swimming and picnicking at Juniper Springs. (You can see more on the Carr blog.)
That was followed by a week of Grandma Thompson Cooking Camp. Here are the new master chefs.

Tatum with her delicious macaroni and cheese. She made a huge pot full and this was all that was left by the time grandpa remembered to get out the camera. She also made the traditional Thompson whipped cream and banana cake for Blake's birthday.

Spencer made sausage and scrambled eggs for breakfast and potatoes and chicken for lunch. He says he only likes potatoes the way grandma makes them so she taught him how to do it.
Blake invented his own recipe of salmon and rice. It was delicious--grandma's favorite.
Oldest brother Joseph decided to create a five course meal, with four of the courses pictured here before they were served one at a time, French style. Pizza soup (his creation), Caesar salad, yucca, and enchiladas suisas, a family favorite. The fifth course was dessert, rice krispy treats.
The week ended with Blake enjoying the birthday cake that Tatum made for him.
The Wilcox cousins served as the official food critics. Everyone got positive reviews and had a great time playing games and riding Amiga between meals.
After cooking camp finished, we made a quick trip to Louisiana for Reuben's baptism.


  1. Yummo! Looks like a tasty few weeks for you guys.


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